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General Roberta Strock

photo manipulation by Black Achemy

Click here to see an absolutely gorgeous
Mark Heike / Doug Hazlewood
pin up of Nyoka, the Jungle Girl

Click the Pic

Cold Cast
Resin Kit

Sculpted by C. Bradford Gorby

Joan Wayne, the first Rad

photo manipulation by Black Achemy

Buckaroo Betty Fury

photo manipulation by Paul Monsky

Click here to see a pin up of Buckaroo Betty Fury
by C. Bradford Gorby and Mark G. Heike
from the 2000 Femforce Swimsuit Art Portfolio

The Phantom Lady

photo manipulation by Black Alchemy

The extremely Limited Edition

Sculpted by Masao Carrington

Superstar Good Girl Artist
Dave Roberts

Signed Wild Side ad by Bill Black

Signed Fearforce Pin Up by Mark Heike

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